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#FoodieFriday with La Soupe!

This week, we took our #FoodieFriday travels somewhere close to our hearts. Before we dive in on what @LaSoupeCincinnati is all about, and how you can get involved, we wanted to share our personal story with Founder, Suzy DeYoung.

Our family has known Suzy and her family for over 30 years. As a child, Maggie spent most of her time over at the DeYoung’s home – and boy has Suzy witnessed Maggie’s awkward years. Nonetheless, always supported Maggie and her family! In early 2000’s when Jeremy, Stacy’s husband, was diagnosed with cancer – Suzy was the one who showed up with soups and meals at their doorstep. Something that our family will never forget.

We traveled down to East McMillan to visit Suzy and her team to get an inside look at how La Soupe has transformed since opening in 2014. Boy, were we in for an overwhelming surprise. From the mission to the staff to the volunteers to the products and donations – seeing what has been created makes you want to do better.

La Soupe

For a little background, La Soupe is a 501 c(3) organization that bridges the gap between food waste and hunger. The chef team at La Soupe creates highly nutritious, restaurant quality, read to eat food using food that is recused from distributers all across Cincinnati.  La Soupe has over 300 volunteers to pick up and deliver these meals to their over 130 partners each week. In 2021 alone, La Soupe has rescued over 20,000 lbs of food a week and shares over 15,000 servings a week to feed those experiencing food insecurity. In cases where a child relies on school for their next meal, La Soupe distributes pre-packaged (for take home) and fresh meals.

La Soupe also offers their soup to the general public for purchase (along with a daily menu) if you just want to stop in and grab some delicious items! We couldn’t resist the Cheesy Broccoli Soup, White Chicken Chili, Buffalo Chicken Dip, 4 Cheese Mac N Cheese… we’ll stop there. We brought a lot home – and everyone from kids to grandparents enjoyed it!

We can’t wait to watch @LaSoupeCincinnati grow and to get more involved with what they are doing. Please do yourself a favor and check it out!

Foodie Fridays March 4, 2021

Foodie Friday: Third Eye Brewing

This week we headed to the Northern Lights District in Sharonville to check out the newly opened Third Eye Brewing to see what is on tap.


Upon our arrival, we got to experience far more than just what was on tap. But speaking of what’s on tap, we each got a different flight so that we could sample the home (and family) brewed beers. Their motto is to “open the minds eye” and to create beer with the community – and they sure accomplished that with the wide range of styles.


Sounds like your typical brewery review, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not – and hardly ends there. The newest addition to the brewery is that of the head Chef, Chef Steven Vanderpool. Chef Steven has created an expansive menu combining his love for Cajun flare, my favorite: His Gumbo. It was beyond good, but that’s probably because I had also combined it with his beef short rib poutine… which was out of this world.


Now, when I say this place is so good that you have to go back – we did. Chef Steven was offering their first pairing dinner – limited to only a few guests – that paired their best beers with Chef’s best dishes. Served on paper plates, the place dished out four rounds of beer, and four separate (and hearty) dishes. We will be visiting Third Eye Brewing again, soon. We recommend you all do the same!

Foodie Fridays February 8, 2021

#FoodieFriday w/ Tano Bistro and Narrow Path Brewing

This week Maggie and I headed to downtown Loveland to explore two of our favorite places – Narrow Path Brewing and Tano Bistro.

We started the day off by renting an igloo at Narrow Path for 2 hours. After an intense card game (and some delicious beers), we decided to order Tano Bistro directly to our igloo! Crab cakes, a charcuterie board, and pretzels were exactly what we needed to fuel up another hand. Paired with the delicious in-house brewed beers and warm igloo atmosphere, our day was made. But it wasn’t over yet!

We hit the road for the .2 mile walk from Narrow Path to Tano Bistro. There we met Gaetano, owner and chef. We had the opportunity to sit down with Chef himself and discuss how they started, their catering business, both restaurant locations (one in Hamilton too!), and their evolving menu options of delicious food.

If you haven’t tried Narrow Path Brewing or Tano Bistro yet, we highly encourage you to do so! You’ll want to go early, though, because downtown Loveland has so much to offer (like great shopping, too)!

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Foodie Fridays January 10, 2021

MPH Brewing: Local Brews and Wood-Fired Pizza in Downtown Montgomery

Greater Cincinnati Living is back with the first episode of the New Year! This episode takes us to downtown Montgomery to MPH (Montgomery Public House) where we camped out in a heated tent outside and enjoyed some pizza, brews and great conversation with two of the owners!

My sister, Maggie Curtis, and I had the pleasure of meeting with Jim and Tony to talk about what inspired them about the location, the co-ownership, the brewing, and the pizza.

They talk about finding the perfect space (formerly Pomodori’s) first, and then finding what they wanted to do. They decided to create an environment where folks could hang, drink some of their favorites, and enjoy the wood fired pizzas (trust us, they are delicious).

Among a variety of in-house homemade wood-fired pizzas is a long list of beer choices. The U.S. Beer Open (annual event across the nation) has named MPH’s very own Hefeweizen third place winner in its category (with over 4,000 other competitors) – so you’ll have to try it! They are also partnered with Left Hand Brewing – so there are options for all beer drinkers!

Another cool feature about MPH is that they are giving back to the local community through their Give Back Tuesday program. They’ve partnered with local charities like Operation GivebackSycamore Bridges, Sycamore Sports teams, Hoxworth Blood Center and Breast Cancer Awareness to help support these efforts.

The co-owners together have 6 children in the Sycamore school district, with a few of their kids working at the restaurant, and a few Sycamore teachers as well!

If you’re looking to support a business who supports our community, while enjoying good eats and great beer, this will definitely be a spot you’ll want to try out!

#FoodieFriday is also featured in Haus & Home magazine! Click here to check it out! 

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