We are sisters, neighbors and business partners! We grew up in Indian Hill and currently reside in Montgomery! We have a passion for our community and making sure that we are supporting our clients every step of the way!


Stacy has over 20 years experience in the real estate industry in Cincinnati. Her depth of knowledge runs deep on all aspects of the industry and market. Credited with the revitalization of downtown Cincinnati and experience in new construction, she has partnered with her sister, Maggie.


Maggie has 15 years experience in the entertainment marketing industry and brings those skills to the team to make sure we are supporting your sale and search for your next home!

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We believe in providing a service at the highest level, and supporting our clients as individuals and family units. Good communication is the foundation of every transaction, and we serve our clients by providing the information, expertise, and context necessary for making decisions that support the futures they envision for themselves in the short and long-term.

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